FitLine ProShape Challenge 2021

Exclusive Fitness Tips

It can never be said enough that keeping physically active is essential for health. Here you will find everything you need to personalize your training and achieve your body goal.

“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must, just never give up.”

Dean Karnazes

FitLine ProShape Challenge 2021

Workout Routine

Start today with our easy-to-do full-body workouts that you can adapt at home. Those pesky pounds will fall off in no time at all. Try out a level to see how you get on with it.If it’s too easy, move on to the next level. If it’s too hard, shift down a gear. Enjoy the workout! We wish you success!

Beginner Level

You are a beginner and you want to ease into an exercise routine? Here you go.

Intermediate Level

You are a intermediate and want to have an intense exercise routine? Here you go.

Advanced Level

You have a regular workout routine? Here is an exercise that will challenge you on a new level.

FitLine ProShape Challenge 2021

Motivation & Inspiration

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FitLine ProShape Challenge 2021

Training Merchandise

Get the total FitLine look. Looking good while exercising gives you the right mood. Discover a selection of items to support your training.

FitLine Shaker

Use this handy shaker for all your FitLine drinks and Proshape or FitLine product after your workout, on your way to your workout or simply in your car.

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Newly designed T-Shirt

Ethic workout! Get your hands on the new FitLine t-shirt for men and women with a nice design. Made of a high quality 100 % organic and fairtrade cotton!

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FitLine ProShape Challenge 2021

Motivation & Inspiration

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